Besides getting paid for paid surveys, Toluna offers people and businesses important elements for improvements with buying products and services. Besides products and services, the company helps businesses improve their business across multiple other platforms. 


Toluna will help businesses develop a plan in many areas. They may help a business to:

  • Improve a product
  • Improve A service
  • Launch a Product
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase Sales
  • Predict Future Gains And/Or Loses

As mentioned previously, these are just few of the elements where a business will see better results.  What is so awesome and different from many other market research companies are the improvements can be guided both in real-time or over a period of time depending on the business and nature of the research project. So after coming up with a program, when implemented, the results can be analyzed as the project is going on.

The utilization of computer software to create surveys and deliver solutions solves a wide range of problems. Basically they have a state of the art system with a suite of business tools related to marketing research and survey taking. These suite of products separate themselves from many other marketing research companies.


automation driving business to excellence

In the past, the process to deliver results to businesses was much slower. The process is much more automated now. The automation allows Toluna to deliver results to their clients a lot faster. In addition, they make more money because they are able to take on more business and charge a much higher rate compared with their past due to the nature of the proprietary technology they utilize.


Businesses that have utilized Toluna’s service in the past have been Voss, Envoy, Starcom, Nascar, Orbitz and more.  

Right now they boast 21 million members across 68 countries. This allows businesses to gain targeted surveys to pinpoint surveys by country, state, gender, race etc. Or they can come up with a more general survey that spans across the globe. This general surveys can even help pick up trends by location gender, etc.


market research recognotions

2018 - Recognized as a top 150 Business To Business Company by MarTech Radar

(2012 - 2017) - Top 10 GRIT Report For Most Innovative Companies

2018 - Top 20 fastest growing companies by Research Live Industry

Being recognized as one of the 20 most fastest growing companies in the world by a well respected industry is serious business. Market research in general is a growing industry. Toluna being recognized as the top market research company for growth is really saying something. If your a business looking to increase business, identify trends, identify flaws, find out what the competition is doing, then Toluna is definitely the company of choice now and in the future.


Toluna has offices in every continent across the globe besides Africa and Antartica. If your a business looking to receive quality marketing research from the #1 market research company in the world then find out more by visiting the Toluna Group.


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