the best paid surveys online

The best paid surveys online have a long history of being online and off. A long time ago, survey companies used to go door to door, utilize telephones and the post office to have people complete surveys for them.


invention of the internet

With the invention of the internet it made it easier for companies to deliver surveys to people. They have easier access to deliver opportunities to people instead having to rely on archaic methods. The companies who used to use the old methods now utilize the internet more so to complete there marketing research goals.

When your searching for legitimate survey opportunities finding the best paid surveys online usually have delivered surveys to people before the internet was even invented. American Consumer Opinion is the perfect example. Many research companies still deliver phone surveys and surveys through the mail, however with the internet they have now been able to deliver surveys to people inside their email inbox.

Other companies operate the same way. They have been in business for 20 years online but also have delivered marketing research opportunities to people before the internet was invented.

Most large companies in existence today use surveys to improve their products and services. Most people are unaware of this. Instead, they are under the impression that certain websites that deliver surveys are scams and this is definitely not the case. Obviously the bad ones can leave a bad taste in your mouth but by doing some simple research on an about us page or FAQ, contact pages then you will be able to determine more of the legitimacy of the company.

One of these big determinations is looking at how long the company has been in business. If the website does not offer this information then I would not join because it may be a scam.


Obviously new survey companies are built year after year. The best surveys online that are new will have testimonials, great reviews, about us, contact, and FAQ pages, etc. Use your best judgment to determine if you should sign up or not. I don’t want to deter you to sign up for a site that may spoof itself as a legitimate site. One idea would be to sign up and test it out if you feel confident enough. Make sure you don’t give your social security number, passwords, or anything to personal.

Once you begin joining survey opportunities you will find out that many of them will eventually offer you old market research methods like telephone surveys and some through mail as well. Many will offer in-home product testing to determine your thoughts on a product that is already out or just coming out.

What they do is determine how trustworthy you are in doing surveys before offering these opportunities to people. So make sure to be as honest as possible with each survey and don’t rush through them to build up your trust with them.


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