The best online paid surveys are free to join. As far as picking a particular survey or set of companies that exceed others is sometimes tough to gauge. As of 2018, Swagbucks is widely considered the best due to the way they have the survey structure set up. You earn bonuses, the site is very secure, they have an abundance of surveys, and it’s updated daily.

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What may be a good survey company for you, may not be good for another person. The reason? Because everyone is different. Every survey company usually has a profile section where you enter in demographics. Throughout your survey taking process, you also enter in more and more of your demographics that set up your profile for the company.


The market research companies use your profile and demographics to set up personalized surveys for you. Setting up your profile honestly will help you to qualify for more of their surveys. This is the reason why certain people qualify for certain surveys and some don’t.

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Based on certain demographics one company may offer more lucrative surveys for people who qualify for more of their exclusive surveys. Other people who will not qualify for their lucrative surveys will qualify for other companies more lucrative surveys based on their unique demographics.


You just have to take your time and do the best you can with each survey your offered. This is why I say the best online paid surveys are free to join. Marketing research companies are in business because they need your feedback. They offer a wide variety of award packages and to say this one or that one is the best is tough to say because certain companies will be better for different people.


The best online paid surveys will be catered specifically for your profile. They will be high paying and made exclusively for your particular profile. Since qualification is limited, your pay will be higher. The survey will most likely be interesting for you to do because it matched your interests well.

Sometimes you will also qualify for exclusive online or offline group discussions that earn people hundreds of dollars. These focus groups operate similar to regular surveys however they may have more discussion, writing, diary entries, or something else different than your typical multiple choice questions. 

After your comfortable taking surveys, and have been with a particular company for a while, you can begin to turn down offers. Avoid long surveys that do not pay well. If you like doing surveys and the topic is interesting, then by all means go for it. I just would not waste time doing surveys that take up most of your time on topics that are uninteresting. With so many companies offering surveys these days, you will definitely match well with some of them. This will trigger your profile for some of their high-paying and exclusive surveys.


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