Take paid surveys online because you like to. They will not make you rich. The great aspect is your able to pick and choose what surveys you want to take and disregard the ones you don’t.

When you sit down to take paid surveys you may run into some issues initially. You begin to take a survey and then you run into another survey. You begin to do the new survey and then your introduced into another one before you finish the one you was just working on.

So what's the problem?

It may be the company you joined is not a legit company. Some sites make money from advertising or by forcing you to sign up for offers. These are legit companies however they use your time and computer resources in order to make money. They may have a reward as advertised but it is reserved for a small amount of people who may never know they become a winner. My advice is to read the fine print in order to find out exactly how legitimate the survey offer really is.

Sometimes the website is very legitimate and rewards it’s members quite often. You may just not qualify for certain surveys based on your profile. Just keep taking them and eventually you will run into surveys that fit your demographics.

Many times this issue of disqualifications happens a lot during the beginning. The company is just trying to get to know you. Later on you will run into less disqualifications as long as you're honest with the questions.


To avoid scams make sure the website is totally free. This way you are not obligated either way. Legit survey websites have concise introductions and let you know upfront what to expect. Many scammers surprise you and avoid these type of instructions.

Their is a weird impression that all paid for surveys are scams. Many websites boast millions of members worldwide and even have people work from home full time.

Avoid the lies with paid online surveys. The negative reviews are usually from people who have not given them enough time to see what they are really worth. Most of the instant paid surveys provide payment proofs within their website. You can also visit YouTube and watch testimonials that have payment proofs and pictures as well. This is will give you visual proof on how lucrative the opportunity can be.

Don’t be afraid to take paid surveys online. You may run into problems in the beginning. Give it time, join multiple legitimate paid surveys companies and see for yourself how successful you can become.


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