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Real paid surveys exist every in many different countries. I understand the hesitation when signing up for various survey opportunities. Most of them sound like a complete waste of time. It's nice to complete maybe one or two but why continue doing them? Completely understandable, but when you factor in the various websites that are legitimate you realize you can turn this into an opportunity for significant income. Some people make a full time income with surveys but how do they do it?

One thing I noticed when starting out was the surveys were kind of long and the rewards were small. I didn’t mind to much because I actually like to take online paid surveys. As I continued, sometimes I would receive larger rewards, sweepstakes rewards etc.

A light turned on one day. I said to myself.. What if I sign up for multiple websites and see what kind of offers I receive. Of course the key is to sign-up for real paid surveys and avoid the websites that might waste my time.

Over time I learned what websites pay the most. I also learned HOW to complete them. Starting out I used to get disqualified a bunch and wondered why is it so important to be qualified. It is just a survey lol. Over time,  I not only learned the answer to this question, I also learned how to get disqualified less. The key is to be honest. Getting paid to do surveys is not hard if you are honest with your answers all the time. Certain websites still disqualify me after 7 years, but I also noticed some sites stopped to disqualify after a while or cut out the disqualifications significantly.

get paid to answer surveys

So now I have a bunch of emails with free get paid surveys in my inbox. Usually they will have the amounts and time it will take to complete. I also know what companies might disqualify, and what companies that will not. This gives me a way to pick and choose what surveys I want to attempt and complete. Obviously I am going to start with the high paid surveys in the less amount of time. Once you get going,you are going to want to sign up for as many legitimate sites as you can. You can easily sort your email inbox by company. Then you will be able to sort through them in a variety of ways.


My advice would be to do what works for you. You know if you like sharing your opinion and you know the amount of free time you have. If you are in it just for the money most likely you are going to be frustrated with taking them or be tempted to try and skip through most of them. Think about the time it takes to set up and create the survey to be presented to you. You should show the same respect completing them. If your luckily enough to complete these real paid surveys, then you will be trusted to complete exclusive surveys from a variety of companies who know you will take the time to fill out the survey the correct way. Needless to say the rewards are higher as well.


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