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Paid to do surveys is a great gig. Work part-time on your own schedule with the best paid online surveys. Offer Nation is considered one of the top paid surveys online for its quick pay outs, easy to do surveys, offer walls, and one of the most profitable sites in the internet. The website is very legitimate as well.


On, Offer Nation has 77 reviews. 57 of those reviews are 5 stars, and 16 of them are 4 updated often. They have a 4.68 average which basically means people love this website. With many review sites giving paid surveys at home a bad name, its great to see the most reviews with Offer Nation very positive.


Why people think most paid opinion surveys are scams are beyond me. Unfortunately certain websites and offers exist to try and trick you into paying into a worthless product or offer. Unfortunately its even the good ones that receive bad reviews as well. This puts a lot of pressure into convincing people on how good they really are.

Get Paid Surveys Online Proofs

How many websites on the internet pay you to get paid to take surveys? Alot. Why? Market research companies are in business only if people like you are available to take paid surveys.They never ask you to spend any money at anytime. Instead, they continue to send you paid offers inside your email account to take surveys.

I know this sounds a little too good to be true. If taking a paid survey for money is such a great way to earn money, why isn’t everyone doing it?

I never did say getting paid for online surveys was easy. Sometimes the surveys are long and the payouts are small. Sometimes you run into short surveys that pay high. On average, you will receive surveys around $1.00 that last 15-20 minutes.  On occasion, you will run into online discussions, survey panels, telephone interviews, in person and online focus groups, or in-home product testing. This is where your big money comes in. These types of surveys are worth $25 - $400 for each one. These types of legitimate paid online surveys are established once trust is established.

Getting paid to do surveys, like with Offer Nation, you earn money free of charge. You will never be asked or surprised by an upgrade at anytime either. After just $1.00, you have the ability to cash out your earnings. Online paid market research surveys usually do not have such low-payout thresholds. Sometimes you have to wait for $5, $10, or at most $50 before being able to cash out. With such a low threshold it allows people to obtain their money quickly.

Online surveys get paid the most by people who like taking them and who do them often. Companies want to pay you or they would not be in business. Just be aware of companies who want to take your money.


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