Get paid taking online surveys with Enlighten. A survey job opportunity open to people living in South Africa only. You must be 15 years of age or older and have an email address in order to join.

South Africans will have access to rewards at, Telkom Mobile, Vodacom, Virgin Mobile, Woolworths, and much more. You earn points with each survey taken and you then exchange them for these rewards, vouchers, or donate them to a favorite charity inside.

A great thing is there are no limitations on the amount of rewards you can receive. Cash out rewards as much as you with no penalties or restrictions.


You can expect to start receiving surveys inside your inbox on day one. Once the registration process is completed, you begin the process to start earning rewards. Unfortunately the amount of surveys you receive or do not receive will be based on your individual profile and the legitimacy of your answers during your online sessions.

Most surveys do not last more than 15 minutes. Many other websites may bog you down with long surveys, up to an hr even, that have some low payouts. Instead, with Enlighten you get paid taking online surveys in no time. A wonderful survey experience for those aware of how long some of them can get.

You will receive a wide array of surveys depending on your demographics and profile. Make sure to keep this updated to enjoy the best possible experience.

By joining multiple sites, you have an opportunity to quit your job or jobs and work on them full time. The amount you earn will depend on the amount of time spent each day and the legitimacy of your answers. Many of the popular survey sites have a fraud security system operating in the background to make sure people do not rush or enter in false information into the system.

Enlighten is also a great way to create additional income for you and your family if you decide not to do it long term. A great part time gig while at home or on the go.

By joining today you will partake in a bunch of marketing research studies. The content you enter into the system will begin your journey into making money with paid online surveys. Your rewards will be processed on the 15th of every month for every reward you claim during the month.


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