paid surveys scams

Have you ever searched online and learned about taking surveys? Only to find out you ended up signing what looks like to be paid surveys scams. This article is designed to help you avoid them and show you signs on what to look for when you come across them.



Getting paid with surveys is a nice way to earn money for gas, groceries, shopping for small items like clothing, underwear, socks, pants etc. They even help paying day to day bills like electricity, water, trash, cell phone, regular phone, and a portion of the rent. This is not something that will supply all of these bills, at least not right away.

Believe it or not programs exist online promising people they can get rich quick. When you notice this type of program online you should avoid it at all costs. Educational courses that may cost a fee exist to teach you how to earn a full-time income online doing paid surveys and are not get rich quick scams. They were created by entrepreneurs who have developed products that teach people how to earn a sustainable income utilizing the years of experience they have accumulated taking surveys online to get paid themselves.


The paid surveys scams that are set up, are designed to deliver harm to either you, your family, computer, or some other inappropriate behavior. It could be something simple like delivering spam to your email inbox, or something more harmful like stealing bank and credit card information

These type of crimes will leave you in more debt and possibly permanently damage your credit. At least temporarily because it can take months for some of these issues not under your control to clear up.

Other problems to avoid while signing up for market research surveys is asking for too much personal information like your social security number. Some companies may even try to obtain passwords to your YouTube, Email, or other social and personal accounts.

Obviously all of the websites with paid surveys scams are not all mentioned within this article. A good thing to look for when you are wondering if the site is legitimate or not is if it is free to join. Most of the websites that offer legit surveys are free to join and may offer a sign up bonus. Swagbucks for instance, gives people a $10 sign on bonus just for initially becoming a member. 

Another great thing to do in order to make sure the website is legitimate is to read over the contact information or about us section on the website. This information will give you a good starting point as to whether or not you should sign up. If the business has been in business a long time, has testimonials, payment proofs, and even a form to fill out to contact them, then this will sound like it is a great company to sign up with. You can even fill out the contact form and ask questions to receive feedback from the owners. If the website does not contain any of these sections, then maybe you should be hesitant to sign up and find more information from legitimate reviews sites inside the paid surveys niche.


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