Paid surveys scam alerts for people who may be unaware of the consequences for signing up with a program or programs associated with survey sites promising online income. Avoiding the scam sites are key to becomingsuccessful online, sticking only to the legit paid surveys online. 


paid surveys scam


The first question that comes to mind is why are these sites even allowed to operate online. This is a great question. One of the best answers I can give is some of these sites are actually legit. If they are legit then how are they a scam?

For instance if you sign up for a website or program that promises to offer an Ipod, cash, or vacation trip for filling out a short survey most likely you will be asked to use a credit or debit card to sign up for multiple trial offers in order to reach the award threshold.

Most likely if you follow the program details correctly, you will be awarded the gift or reward. But at what cost? The legit survey sites that you actually want do not cost anything.

For some reason these sites finesse a short survey or questionnaire to entice people who may be looking to fill out surveys for money. The people looking for short surveys for money want to do these for free. They do not want to have to pay anything in order to gain a reward.

These survey scam sites have wording like free ipod, free money, free grants with reasonable amounts like $500 or $1000 dollars to have people begin the sign up process. Most people do not follow through on the offers once they reach the parts that want them to pay money. Unfortunately some do and then lose money because they do not follow the program correctly.

At the same time they are very legitimate. They provide the offer in question as long as you follow the rules and guidelines for the reward. You just have to read the fine print. Why the rules and regulations are in such small print is another reason to maybe avoid these websites. Why hide something as important as the reward guidelines instead of placing them in a place more accessible. Most people do not read the fine print and they know this. Those that do receive the reward or rewards in question read the fine print in order to do the procedure correctly for the prize. 

ligitimate paid surveys


The scam happens because they entice people who need and are looking for money online to sign up for programs using a credit card without the intent of wanting to do so. They use professional advertisers and wording to gain unsuspecting customers into their programs.

The biggest paid surveys scam happens when you are asked to pay for something either before or after the survey in question. All of the legitimate surveys that pay cash are free to join and even offer a sign up bonus for joining. You should be paid for your hard work and time and not the other way around.

Always be on the lookout for sites that ask for money, have a lot of pop ups, look outdated, have a lot of advertisements, or try to ask for too much personal information especially financial information. These websites you want to avoid and are probably scams.


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