Paid surveys focus groups operate a little different than your typical survey. With focus groups people have the opportunity to earn cash from either an in person group discussion, phone chat, online group, or one on one discussion.


These groups usually pay more than your typical surveys. I have seen payments as high as $200 to $250 dollars.


Focus Pointe Paid Surveys Focus Groups - Complete the focus groups online or utilizing their phone app. Here are a few examples of the opportunities you may see once you join.


Mindswarms - Another focus group that utilizes video to complete the opportunities. The most lucrative and easiest focus group online. They have an easy application process and really have some fun opportunities. The hardest part is qualifying for the opportunities. Each opportunity is $50 or more per video.

Survey Squad

SurveySquad - Another lucrative focus group focused on providing fun focus interviews for people. It’s free to join and you will be paid for your honest thoughts on products and services.

luth research

Luth Research - If you are a San Diego, Ca resident you are able to sign up for paid focus groups to attend inside the city. Everyone else can sign up on the regular website and take online group discussions that pay well also. Earnings vary whether online or in person however both earn very well.

future talkers

Future Talkers - This is an interesting online focus group that has a lengthy profile questionnaire. They really get to know you and group your personality into a category in order to qualify for discussions and panels catered explicit to your profile. Reminds me of a psychological test that places you in a certain category and then you read a brief synopsis of what your answers meant and why you fell in the category you were placed in.

luntz global

Luntz Global - A unique panel that travels the world and offers opportunities for people. They have sessions that last 2-3 hours long and members are compensated well for their time. They have a brief application process, less than 5 minutes, and you will begin to receive offers to see if you qualify for future studies.

product report card

Product Report Card - Not only offers paid studies but rewards you for supplying your appliance information like washing machines, toasters, microwaves and more. A very lucrative opportunity for people looking to make some nice income from sharing your products online. The more products you share, the more high paying studies you will qualify for. Some of them change range upwards of hundreds of dollars. One of my favorite websites to make money with and I would highly recommend joining.

The paid surveys focus groups mentioned above are just some of the top companies in the market today. Sign up is free and will always be free. You may find many other opportunities online that come highly recommended as well.


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