Paid research surveys like YouGov run a little bit different than most of the survey and discussion panels on the internet. Instead of focusing on a variety of topics like entertainment, and health, YouGov focuses on government and politics. Get paid to answer surveys that asks for your input on various social issues such as your opinion on a recent government bill that was passed, do you agree with how the country is running, your views on gun control, the prison system, etc.


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I was amazed at the website to be honest. Besides high paid surveys, you participate in discussions related to your favorite music, books, tv show, quotes, and more. This is not your ordinary survey site. Each time you log in your presented with the most recent commentary and polls that allow you to jump in and share your opinion. Reminds me of the Huffington Post a lot, except now you receive rewards for your opinions. 

They have 7 offices throughout the United States and have members from all over the world, including Germany, India, the UK,  who participate in their respective countries polls and surveys. Stephan Shakespeare is the CEO and co-founder since 2005. He stretched the company from a basic AIM protocol to an international success. The driving force is being unique in market research where many companies mimic each other and represent a common foundation in an industry of diverse business representations. 

Getting paid to do surveys on topics you love is always a great option to have. Many people love to discuss politics in forums and leave commentary in national online newspapers like the Washington Post. Now, you receive income for doing what you do for free on other websites.

The website boasts 1.8 million members who participate in online paid market research surveys in the United States alone. As panelists, you go through a pre-screen process in order to make surveys go a lot quicker and smoother. Most people do not realize how fast YouGov surveys are when compared with the other companies out there. You get paid in points ranging from 500 - 2000 points per survey to be used for gift cards like Visa or Amazon.


Sometimes your data will be used in a poll or questionnaire for political campaigns. Your personal identifiable information is kept private and secure of course, however your answers will be made public as part of a group. News media, public affairs committees, businesses, and market research agencies all utilize your answers for different reasons.

Businesses use YouGov, or hire them depending on how you look at it, to maintain a brands freshness. A lot of times brands get old or go out of style either because of competition or just plain ole age. YouGov will send out a survey utilizing technology to decipher what certain demographics like or dislike about a brand. The business will be able to obtain sustainability based on the results received.

Paid research surveys come a dime a dozen. YouGov is a website that is absolutely one of my favorites. The only thing I do not like is they do not offer a cash award until you receive 67,000 points. Because the website sends out pre-screened surveys to your email account, I am unable to take as many surveys as I want like I can with other sites. Instead I receive a survey a day or every other day and receive a variety of reward points based on the length of the survey. So it may take me close to 2 months to make the cash reward. Luckily I like to shop at Amazon as well so I receive $15 Amazon gift cards at only 30,000 points. 


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