Paid opinion surveys like PaidViewpoint help you to earn a lot of money. If there is a sure thing for surveys than this site is it. If you are selected for a survey you are GUARANTEED not to be disqualified. One of the few sites that does this. They are one of the best paid surveys on the internet.

paid opinion surveys


Get paid for doing surveys that are different than the “norm”. The surveys are not boring and are fast. They average around 5-6 minutes, delivering a unique experience to everyone of the members. They are literally the “Twitter” of surveys.

Paidviewpoint pays out once you reach $15 through Paypal.


Paid research surveys are usually very similar in regards to the way they operate. Your invited for a survey, get paid, and then money is banked inside your account once you reach a certain threshold. This site has designed something totally proprietary to them called the TraitScore. With this system members develop a score as they continue throughout the site. It develops the integrity of the user and helps identify future surveys for the members based on quality. This protects from misuse and false payments. The higher your score, the more lucrative your surveys become. You develop your score through trait surveys that ask quick questions to get to know you. These trait scores rise as you answer honestly overtime. Sometimes they may repeat the question later on to try and catch you in a lie. Definitely do not be afraid to change your mind either because they have a way of identifying that as well.


Your privacy is always maintained at all times. They never ask for your real name, only email and Paypal account so they can pay you and send you surveys.


By joining you automatically become a member of the affiliate program. What this means is you have the opportunity to earn additional income along with your surveys. Earn up to $25.00 for every new person you invite. Every time they cash out you will earn an additional 20%.

If there was ever a time to learn online marketing it will be with this lucrative referral program. With an effective marketing strategy a person can literally make a living just from referrals. Not only do you earn a sign up bonus, up to $25, but also a generous 20% on every cash out. Earn VIP status and start to earn from your referrals on the fly. What this means is when you have reached over 100+ invitees, you have the opportunity to eliminate just earning 20% on cash outs. Instead you earn 20% on every survey a person takes. If you have 1000+ referrals you can imagine how much money will be made.


By following the highest standard of ethics when it comes to market research paid surveys, they have set themselves apart from other paid opinion surveys. They deliver a perfect 10 each and every time.  

If you enjoy doing quick paid surveys at home and being compensated for your time than this site is definitely for you.


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