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The paid market research Toronto community is very large. Businesses spend millions each and every year to bring forth large scale campaigns with firms like JMRS, Consumer Vision, and CRC Research.

These companies collaborate with businesses, nonprofits, Universities, and more to solve a problem or provide easier decision making for their particular issue or issues. They may use them to roll out an idea or set of ideas and see how people react to them before initiating them in the real world. The market research companies then provide raw statistical data that is priceless because it saves businesses time and money that would have otherwise been wasted without their services.


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Not only do paid market research companies save businesses money, but they also increase income as well. The detailed stats advise businesses what to do and what not to do moving forward.

If a product or service for a business is already in production, marketing research can determine what is going on fairly quickly.


Just because a paid market research Toronto business is based in the city does not mean they do not operate outside the Canadian country. Most provide U.S and international services as well.

There is a misnomer that because a company is based within a particular region it will operate the best there. This is not the case. Sometimes other research companies not based in Toronto will do better with businesses inside the city and vice versa. Market research firms based in Toronto can also have better success with businesses outside the city than inside. It’s just a matter of experience and what the company is looking for.


In cases of survey panels, focus groups and such, Toronto marketing research companies that provide just Canadian or Toronto members, will focus primarily on that particular area. Any business, University, or Non-Profit looking for strictly Toronto demographics will hire these companies to give them raw data based strictly inside the Ontario city. - Most studies for taste tests, fashion, focus groups and more are located inside the Toronto area. - Began in 1980. A pioneer in marketing research worldwide. Provides focus group facilities in Toronto.

Avoid the market research scams by not paying into any programs. If they ask for money then run because a company wanting your opinions should never ask for this.

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