Get paid cash for surveys with - A new revolutionary survey opportunity for those who like short rewarding surveys. Each survey has less than 5 questions for a supreme micro opportunity. Each short survey pays real cash as well.

Once you join either through a short form or social network, you will have survey opportunities sent to your inbox.


Cash out your account as soon as you reach 10 euros paid to your PayPal account. The amount you will receive for each survey attempted varies. It can go by the company delivering the survey, demographics inside your profile, and many other factors.

One of the few companies who make sure people receive short, qualifying surveys so that your valuable time is not wasted. Payments are fair and as mentioned previously based on your qualifying profile that you have set. This is why it is vital to be honest when setting up your profile.

With Pollpay you are paid cash for surveys in a legitimate way. Many websites are set up as phishing or scam sites. From the registration process all the way to the start of your survey experience, will be a legit process.

Employing you to take surveys is vital to the sites success. They have identified a problem with people who take surveys and complain about the length. Now your paid for taking them in short bursts instead of having to worry about disqualifications and lengthy surveys.


They want your business for the long haul. They do not want people quitting the experience or just joining to take a survey once and a while. They want to earn your trust and build your survey profile. Taking a rewarding survey journey that makes sense for both you and the business. They give you 6 months of inactivity before closing out your account.

The amount you are able to earn is unlimited. The more surveys you qualify for, and the more surveys you take, the more money you will make.

What people like the most is the short length of the surveys. They are quick, fast, and have no more than 5 questions per attempt

Sign up is free. If you have never shared your opinion online before than you have located a great website to begin your hobby. Some people have even turned this into a part-time job from home because they love doing them so much. Most people who do it full time have signed up for hundreds of survey sites and have them sent to their phone or inbox all day.


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