Opinion polls help in taking a middle ground approach to a particular question or issue. Opinion polls are set up to provide data to the relevant group who set the poll up. Often used in political arenas, they are a fascinating way to learn how the public thinks about an upcoming election for a particular issue before the actual voting occurs. 


opinion polls


Researchamerica.org for example provides public opinion polls on medical research and innovations. When a survey is being conducted a random telephone survey may be conducted or the poll may be done online. The largest non-profit organization for public awareness of health education.

Fox News is another great opinion poll site for an unbiased answer to questions. Despite being known as a Republican station, the polls are offered to Democrats and Independents as well. Respondents take polls on either a cell or landline phone.

Gallup provides an in-house approach to responding to polls. Instead of prizes and incentives, they offer nightly polls that people take for free. Made up of 100,000 people from around the world where 80,000 people usually respond to each survey that is sent out.

Real Clear Politics gives political polls on the state of the country, Presidential approval, Congress approval, State of The Union, bills and laws, and more.


Interested parties looking to conduct online research might use a company like Triton polling and research to conduct the polls for them. They basically take your idea for a survey, collaborate with you and present a final product to a platform that will send out your surveys with a fast turnaround.


Opinion polls operate differently than online surveys. Instead of being paid money for taking surveys participants are volunteers.

A debate exists as to which platform provides better results... free surveys or paid ones.

Both platforms have their strong points however I think paid surveys come out on top in my experience. A paid survey will give people an incentive for completing a survey and have special algorithms to make sure a respondent is doing the survey ethically. Free platforms are a little more lenient in this regards. The consensus is if people are taking free surveys, the responses will be more correct since they are volunteering their time. Paid surveys are more targeted in my opinion and allow people to earn more money by providing truthful answers, keeping their particular profiles updated, and taking a lot of surveys with a company or multiple companies everyday. 

A lot of the free surveys are over the phone. The surveys are short most of the time maybe answering just a few questions. Most of the paid opinion surveys will take an average of 20 minutes. The paid ones are much more valuable to businesses because of the structure that is involved for setting up the survey and distributing them to members to have them fill them out.

300 opinion poll surveys were conducted during the Obama vs Clinton presidential election with mixed results. It showed a huge bias when it comes to conducting free surveys sometimes. The free respondents might not be as highly targeted in a way to make them as unbiased paid respondents. Most likely the survey itself is conducted by a volunteer as well. Two volunteers going back and forth might not be as thoughtful and insightful when compared with two people who are getting paid to work them.


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