Online surveys get paid when an opinion is shared through an offering made by a particular market research company. By signing up for legitimate paid online surveys, your in position to earn a nice income just for sharing an idea or opinion. Potentially to earn monthly, weekly, or even everyday. The choice of how much or how little you earn is totally up to you. Certain companies will pay you $200 for participating in a study or even as little as $.25 cents for sharing your opinion. The $.25 cent surveys definitely add up over time and go along way in showing the research company how you conduct surveys now and in the future.

online surveys get paid

People get paid for surveys whether they are in retirement, on disability, social security, a professional white collar worker, blue collar, or even a freshman in college. Most surveys have demographics set aside for particular age groups and types of profession. If you are elderly and on social security, you my want to avoid these social security phone survey scams targeting the elderly.

Many online surveys get paid once you reach a payment threshold. You may have to earn $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, or $50 dollars before they will pay you. Some pay instantly by check or Paypal. The highest threshold I have witnessed is $50 dollars. Many times the high threshold sites have high paying offers that allow you to meet this higher threshold fairly quickly.


Taking online paid market research surveys could very well turn into a nice income for a part-time job or even full-time. Once you are used to how the surveys operate within your specific interests and demographic, it will not be hard to figure out what survey sites pay you the most in the shortest amount of time. You will then be able to prioritize your survey accounts accordingly.

For Example:

Survey Site A - Pays well, takes about an hr most times to finish, and does not disqualify me as much.

Survey Site B -  Low pay, and does not disqualify as much..

Survey Site C - Does not disqualify anymore and pays well in a reasonable amount of time

Survey Site D - Pays me instantly, has a mix of disqualifications and allowances, and the time varies between short and long.

For the above scenario I would do scenario C first. I would check my email inbox for the surveys with this market research company and fill them out to earn some quick cash.

I would move to scenario B believe it or not. Surveys with this type of profile usually have many that can be done each and everyday but at the sametime have a threshold on how many of them you can do. Many of these surveys within your list will meet this criteria. One trick is to open up multiple windows or tabs of the various companies and start doing surveys for each one at the sametime.

I would then do survey site D, and then A. Within this scenario the online surveys get paid the most but takes the most amount of time and you are disqualified often.

When you are faced with 100’s of survey sites, you will discover different scenarios. My advice is to join them all. I was able to prioritize my own personal websites to maximize profits each and everyday. If you are honest with your surveys, your own particular list of surveys will help you to achieve the maximum income each and everyday. 



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