Online survey creations go a long way to helping businesses, nonprofits, and everyday people find answers to questions or problems. The surveys give the creators the ability to find out what peoples honest thoughts are to their particular questions. The answers will deliver factual data that allows the creators of the survey to receive the results they need.

online survey

Obviously sometimes surveys are created for fun. People might create a brief poll on facebook or another platform as a way to get answers to not so serious issues and problems.


For the most part when you run into an online survey online it is a serious questionnaire. This is why you may be offered an incentive to fill them out. The importance of the answers allows market research companies to go further in depth of the answers and break down the data in order to learn more about what people are really thinking. This allows the creators of the surveys to discover new ideas that would not have been thought of without the help of the online survey.


People and businesses have the ability to create surveys for free online using software tools. The free tools mentioned below are excellent for simple surveys that are created for not so intense market research purposes. - One of the top online tools to create surveys for free. Receive real time insights into your survey. Over 25 templates to choose from for easy creations.

Zoomerang and SurveyMonkey - Allows you to send unlimited surveys and polls to end users. As a free user you are limited to 10 questions per survey. They do offer a premium membership to offer more questions per survey.

Free Online Surveys - Used by millions to create online surveys. No hard computer algorithms to learn. A very simple process to set them up and have your questionnaires sent out. Used by large companies like Virgin, Air Canada, and Dow Jones.

Microsoft Word - If you need a simple form application to create a short little survey questionnaire then word will be a great option.

Google Forms is another free tool that can be used to create simple surveys.


The paid versions are usually all done for you. The interested party will work with a market research company who will come up with a quote or proposal on what type of survey they should have created based on the information provided.

SurveyGizmo comes to mind as one of the top paid survey creator companies. Companies like FedEx, Disney, ESPN, and Microsoft have utilized their paid survey services in the past. They have an assortment of plans and templates to choose from. They literally have something for everyone.


Whatever the purpose your surveys are for, the online tools mentioned here allow people and businesses to gain better insight into their projects. The companies used to create your surveys are vital in your decision making. Obviously starting out with a free tool will not cost you anything but you might lose a greater understanding of the survey created due to a lack of software tools that become available when you pay for it.


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