Marketing research has been around for a long time. Enjoying success do to the products they have put forth as a result of research done with consumers like you and me. It’s crazy how such a simple concept such as offering surveys that pay cash can have an impact on billion dollar companies in a major way.

paid marketing research surveys

Companies take this research and create innovative products as a result. In addition, the business may make modifications to current products and improve the quality as a result of the survey that was conducted. Also, they may totally scrap products in existence or in pre-production. Just a few examples of what businesses will accomplish with paid marketing research surveys. 


Another great aspect of paid research surveys is the service being provided by the company. Whether it's the customer service from the actual company, competitors, or the customer service provided by the stores with their products on the shelf, all of this is vital to finding out how they affect either their own products or the competitions. 

By spying on the the competitions products and services, a company is able to learn how to improve the products and services they put out. They will discover trends of bad customer service, what a customer liked and disliked about a product, how the cost affected their decision making, what made them go with a certain product over another, and much more. 

The information is so vital to companies they are willing to pay people like you good money to take them. Some companies pay $200 or more for doing them. Obviously high paying surveys are earned over a length of time with a particular research company. Some of these types of surveys may even take a week or two or longer to complete.


Focus groups pay handsomely as well. Paid research groups offer people discussions on a wide variety of topics. Space is very limited and exclusive to those people who have shown they can be trusted to give honest and thoughtful answers.


Parent Speak is a great community to share your honest thoughts. Created by C & R research, they provide parents the opportunity to connect with mom and dads on a wide variety of topics and discussions. Joining this community is free and voluntary. You will receive rewards for participating in their discussions.

Real good paid marketing research surveys are sometimes hard to find. Parent Speak is one of the good ones and have been in business a long time. The surveys are fun, rewarding, and sometimes offer some new ways of thinking while at the same time provide ideas on improving your overall quality of life.


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