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Legitimate paid online surveys provide people with a secure way of gaining extra income working from home. You receive instant payments right into your PayPal account instead of gift cards or sweepstakes entries. What I like most is the rewards you receive from them. Your rewarded for your time more from legit companies instead of being given a low generic pay out even if the survey was extremely long.


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Sometimes websites that pay cash for taking paid online surveys will distribute a low amount despite spending 30 minutes to an hour taking a single survey. These are the types of survey websites we want to avoid. Instead, we try and focus on the the websites that value your time and patience in completing.

Do not get me wrong if you like taking a survey on a particular topic and could care less about the payout amount it could be even more rewarding later on. What companies try and do is build on trust. They want to valuate your feedback and see just how you take each and every survey and then hit you with higher paying offers later on. Many people do not realise this fact.

Many people who enjoy taking surveys online free end up stumbling upon the best offers. They answer each question slow and do not try and speed through them.


Sometimes a lot of people who complain about taking surveys online to get paid try and speed through them. They do not take the time to nurture each question and really discover the true essence of why companies spend billions with marketing research companies to distribute these legitimate paid online surveys to the masses.


I would not take the sweepstakes entries as a joke either. Every years thousands of members earn hundreds, and even thousands of dollars with sweepstakes entries.

People take regular paid surveys for cash and in addition to the income they receive from surveys, are entered into sweepstakes to earn additional cash. Sometimes when you are denied entry into a survey you will receive a ticket to earn additional income as well. Throughout the year, winners earn $10, $50, $100, $500, thousands, tens of thousands, and the biggest I have seen is $100,000 dollar winners with OpinionSquare.


Sometimes you might stop and think… well isn’t this a scam?  I kind of thought this at first myself. This is some type of scam to just pry money and/or information from you. Then you look deeper into the site and realize the legitimacy of it and the payment proofs. Some people even put YouTube videos up showing off the visual proof of how real this is.


Getting paid cash for legitimate paid online surveys is pretty easy once you take the time to really give your best efforts. When you factor in sweepstakes entries and the rewards for your time, they can become very lucrative, especially over time.

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