Finding good websites to make money online can be very difficult. Earning money with legit paid surveys is an awesome way to earn cash online, especially if you are just starting out. Why? They are free to join and only require your time and honest opinions. If a site is calling itself a survey site and they want more than just this… run. It can be a possible scam or some other site disguising itself a legit survey site.


Do not be afraid to join multiple companies. This type of action will help you get qualified for more surveys than if you stayed with just one company. Sometimes a company will disqualify you because you didn’t match a certain qualification. Not that you answered a question wrong or did anything wrong, you just did not match well with a particular opportunity. For instance, your a work at home mom and you run into a question that asks your age. You answer with your correct age but the survey disqualifies you anyway. The survey was probably looking for another age group. You can imagine the different variations and combinations of demographics a company is looking for. The same company may offer a $10.00 survey for work at home moms, who are between 25-35, live in a household with kids, make between 75 - 80 k a year, owns an Iphone, and bought the phone over 6 months ago. Someone else answering no to any of those questions will disqualify them. 


This is why it will be a good idea to sign up with as many legit paid surveys as you can. You will qualify for more and more surveys and not get frustrated by constantly being disqualified. You will begin to learn what companies qualify you more than others.

Most people who are successful with online paid market research surveys enjoy telling the truth. Successful people give maximum contributions to each survey they are blessed to receive. The people who are not successful are just interested in the money and get frustrated when the pay is not what they think it's supposed to be or upset with the amount of time it takes to make just a few dollars.

By regularly accepting as many surveys as you can, you will be able to make some nice income online. Some sites even let you take them on your phone so you are constantly making income.


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