Is Octopus group legit? One of the most honest Octopus group survey reviews on the internet today.

Whenever a survey is as new as Octopus group there are several questions in regards to its legitimacy. Since the site came on the scene in 2016 as one of Australia’s premier websites, there has been several questions swirling around it. Such as why is it only for Australians, or is this just a scam to extract money or information.


octupus group

Both are very legitimate questions. Once you dive inside the website a bit you find easy answers to these questions.

Unfortunately I do not live in Australia so I can not join. But what makes this site safe is you have a choice to either have your emails sent inside your email account or having the option to log into the site to take surveys. They also provide an app for your mobile device in order to receive notifications from the website. If the site was a scam, they would not provide an expensive application like this and provide it on a secure site like Google Play.

is occtopus group legit

If you have joined other survey providers like Survey Junkie for Australia and then compare then with Octopus Group, you will find they offer the highest paying surveys for the country. They thrive on sharing the profits they make by offering surveys through the businesses that hire them, and giving them back to the members.

Companies are looking forward to hearing your honest opinions. The longer the survey is, the greater the reward. Most companies look for honest and thoughtful answers when asked to supply sentences. They need you to help them grow their business further and make a big impact on the future of the business. The honest feedback is used to impact present and future products and services. Very different from doing product testing at home and then doing a survey to complete the process. These types of surveys are usually short because the length for testing out the product is usually long. 


What makes them unique is they provide a rewarding refer a friend policy. You have the opportunity to earn $20 with each referral.


Because the site is so rewarding it is hard to fathom the legitimacy of it sometimes. They offer double of what other companies offer. Usually your given minuscule rewards when compared with the amount of time it takes to do them. Is Octopus Group legit? Most definitely! They are one of the most legit companies on the internet who deliver surveys and they have only been in business a few years.

There is no cost associated when joining. You must live in Australia in order to join and you get to decide if you want to receive emails or not. No spam!


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