How Toluna Differs from mTurkSurveys

I was very pleased to read about the Toluna process. I take a lot of surveys as an mTurk worker. As Toluna states, the surveys are often tedious, with lots of questions written in text that is crowded and make my eyes water. On top of that, the requester can arbitrarily reject my submission, and not offer any reason whatsoever for the rejection. Or they can block me from doing any more of their tasks. If I get too many blocks I may lose my right to work on Amazon.

Another concern is speediness of payment. In Amazon, the requester does not have to pay for thirty days, which is a long time for surveys that often pay less than a dollar. Finally, there is no appeal process in Amazon. If a requester chooses not to pay, I cannot get Amazon to investigate.

Toluna seems to be a little more worker friendly. I hope the company will offer a process that is fairer to workers. I have some concern that the requesters on Toluna could very well do the same thing to workers as Amazon requesters. I would like to know if Toluna would pay me for doing the work, or at least explain why my work was rejected.

Does Toluna have an appeal process? Will Toluna pay any faster than Amazon?

I see Toluna is partnering with businesses. Most surveys on Amazon are from universities and they can be less responsive to worker needs. Would Toluna be any better? I sincerely hope so.

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Jan 10, 2018

by: Cacey

Toluna will make right any issue you may have with a particular survey or payment issue by utilizing the Contact Us page. You just have to note the survey ID, Title and nature of the survey and they will work to resolve the issue for you.

To answer your second question:

The payment for surveys vary. Depending on the particular survey it takes anywhere from right away all the way up to six weeks to receive credit.

To answer your last question:

I can't say that Toluna would be better because they offer more business oriented surveys. Sometimes Toluna may offer surveys from universities as well. If your interested in taking surveys for businesses instead of universities I would suggest signing up to see how much you like Toluna paid surveys for businesses.

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