High paid surveys are usually found once you establish a working relationship with a particular market research company. Most times in the beginning you will not have access or qualify for the more higher paying surveys. Instead you have to work your way up through longevity of ethical attempts.


Most times it will take 2 - 3 months of consistent surveying to become eligible for the high paid surveys. This is because behind the scenes the company will check your answers to make sure you are being consistent with each answer. They will have some type of algorithm to make sure you are not rushing through surveys to receive payments. If you are doing them consistently as supposed to rushing through them, this will unlock the more lucrative surveys for you, among other rewards such as in home product testing.

By being consistent with your answers and constantly updating your profile will set you up for success throughout your survey career.


Certain sites like Vindale Research and Mindswarms, have high paying surveys upwards of $50 or so. Most do not offer as much, however they offer a bunch of low paying surveys to build your profile as previously mentioned above in order to unleash more lucrative offers for like $5, $10, or more.

Even though the surveys are high paying, this does not mean they are hard to do. They operate similar to other surveys you have taken in the past. Sometimes they may be easier or be broken down into 2 parts.

Each survey you take will be a great experience either way. I found by doing surveys and not worrying to much about payments, will help you to be a master with them. Next thing you know you are running into surveys that are not only fun and high paying, but also offer additional prizes and products. It’s like a free sweepstakes game with a bunch of money on the back end just for sharing your time and honest opinions.

The best part about the high paid surveys are they are free to take. Often times when a service online offers someone to earn money, there is some type of price associated with the service. The survey opportunities are absolutely free and will always be free. Just beware of scams that act like high paying survey opportunities but in actuality is just a scam trying to pry information and/or money from people.  


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