Getting paid for surveys online with a company who has been in business since 1999 is always a great thing. This is exactly what you receive with GlobalTestMarket. A pioneer in the online survey business because it provides valuable market research for universities and businesses alike. In over 60 countries worldwide delivering awesome solutions for people and businesses worldwide.

getting paid for surveys online

Paid consumer surveys are all over the internet. Some of them have been in business a long time and have a business model that is easy to follow. How hard is it to complete a survey right? Believe it or not, it is not as easy as you think. To be successful you have to earn your reputation and build up your quality score in order to qualify for many other surveys. A great thing is you never have to pay anything. Everything is completely free. It is up to you to be honest so you can qualify and earn your rewards. Overtime you will enjoy many valuable input sessions that will contribute to changing the products of the future. 


When your paid to do online surveys it is always a great feeling that your doing something positive. You help yourself to a nice reward, you contribute to a research project, or social issue, and basically enjoy doing something positive all around.

The best paid surveys online will have a few basic qualities:

  1. Will show the amount of time it will take to complete the survey being attempted - Most surveys nowadays let you know how long each survey attempt will take. Some still do not and some have inaccurate timings. Believe it or not some of the inaccuracies are in your favor and deliver surveys that are significantly lower than the time posted.
  2. Are Interactive - Certain surveys will have you get on your cam and share your expressions or something along those lines.
  3. Have High Rewards - Even though some surveys will have low rewards, this does not mean they are not important. The high rewarding surveys are always awesome of course.
  4. Disqualify You Early Or Not At All - Surveys sometimes disqualify you after working on them for five minutes or even longer.


Getting paid for surveys online can be an exhausting task sometimes. The endless surveys can sometimes be boring. The best thing to do is to take your time and get through them. Take a little break if you have to during some of the longer ones. You may think a certain survey is not worth the amount it takes to complete it. You have every right to think that however the best thing you can do is to complete it. Usually this will lead to a survey panel, or some of the more higher reward surveys.

Increase the power in your bank account by contributing to paid surveys focus groups. Often, certain survey sites will offer an opportunity to join a group discussion in relation to healthcare or mobile technology. These groups usually offer opportunities from $75, $150, to $200 or more each session. Sometimes the surveys may last a few days or even a week to complete. ClixSense market research is a perfect example.


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