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Getting paid for online surveys with is an awesome way to make money on the internet or mobile devices. With MySurvey, your connected with a company who has been doing surveys since 1946. Legitimate paid online surveys like this are pioneers within the market research community. They have designed world class mobile applications that allows people to work on multiple handheld devices across multiple platforms.


Signing up is easy. You will be asked for your email address and name in order to sign up. They will send a welcome email for you to click on in order to be fully verified. Once a member you will be qualified for the online, mail, and phone surveys being offered. Most of the time you will be getting paid for online surveys instead of offline. 


The best paid online surveys need members to contribute factual opinions on a variety of subjects. This ensures the company who hires them are receiving exactly what they paid for. MySurvey recruits members to volunteer their time and opinions on a wide variety of subjects like technology, beverages, and business. They are rewarded with points that is used for handsome rewards.  

Rewards Include:

  • Charitable donations to Unicef
  • E-Gift cards for places like MLB Shop, Redbox
  • Regular gift cards to Applebees, CVS, TJ Maxx, Marshalls to name a few
  • PayPal cash payments of $10, $15, $20, or $50

Rewards are not the only benefit. Your contributions are randomized and used to help build a better tomorrow for companies. I remember doing a survey about a commercial and then seeing the commercial on TV. I saw the commercial in the beta stages before the finished product was on screen. The commercial was for a well known brand and after seeing the finished product I was amazed. It was nothing like the commercial I saw before it came out. I am usually not a negative person but I gave this commercial some bad write ups during the survey. The finished product was awesome and did not have any of the negative portions I had witnessed.


CamSurvey is another feature designed to make survey taking fun. If you have access to a webcam on your phone or computer, you will have the opportunity to earn more with MySurvey. The images and videos received are not made public so you will never have to worry about it circulating the internet or television. Watch this brief video to learn more:


Friends interested in getting paid for online surveys? Just share an email or link with them and you will earn points after they sign up. You are limited to only 3 per month.


Managing your cookies is easy as well. Inside your members area you will have the opportunity to change cookie settings. The cookies allows the website to communicate with apps like Facebook in order to give you and them a more collaborative session. Many surveys will access your social media like Twitter and Facebook in order to complete them. The information is stored inside a “cookie” for easy access now and in the future. Having your data stored allows trusted 3rd party access to your information when needed.

Getting paid for surveys online can be difficult at times. Not finding the right programs, trying to find the time, etc. My advice is to be patient and join reputable companies like MySurvey who values your time and input.

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