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Get paid to do surveys with MindField Online. An internet panel that provides members ways to earn extra cash working from home. An exclusive members only website which gives even more benefits than your normal survey website.

I have been blessed with an opportunity to get paid taking online surveys along with in home product tests. The surveys are not as long or boring as other websites. Instead they offer fun ways to earn money including interactive videos, commercial testing, and fun surveys.


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One of the few online paid market research surveys that you can contact directly. Call them directly at 800-969-9235


Recently, McMillon Research - parent company of MindField Online,  was apart of a mail scams that sent checks out utilizing their brand name. The company had nothing to do with disorder and should be reported immediately. Luckily the company nor its members were affected by it. Instead, legitimate paid surveys continued without any issues

Anytime there is a downturn in the economy bad things happen. Especially when there is a lack of economic stability, scams come into existence. Avoid them by being more aware of company policies and procedures. Make sure whatever materials you receive from the company are from businesses that you signed up with.

Free online paid surveys can sometimes be a hassle. The endless loop of attempts not being completed. When it is time to get paid, the payments are sometimes very low for the amount of time you spent with the survey.


To sign up you must be 15 years of age. Multiple accounts are not allowed for the security of the website and integrity of the surveys. One of the most secured sites on the internet. With market research affiliations like American Marketing Association, Casro Membership, MRS, MRA, PMRG, MMA Certified, they are fully certified to enable highly regarded and professional surveys for people who decide to join. In addition, they have an A+ Rating with BBB, Experian Data Quality certified, TRUSTe certified, and Return Path certifications. This means they are highly certified around the world wide web. I have never seen a website with so many trusted certifications. A very legitimate paid survey site that is free to join.


get paid for taking surveys

Millions of people get paid to do surveys everyday. The key is to connect with legitimate paid surveys who are highly certified and have your best interest at heart. Get paid to answers surveys by being honest throughout the questionnaire. Many folks like to lie in order to get paid quicker. The honest method is always the best true method to complete paid research surveys online.


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