Get paid taking surveys online with I-say. I-Say is a survey platform that is pretty unique to your typical survey panel.

Inside it features an easy to use graphical interface that displays when the survey will expire, the time it will take to complete, and the amount of points received.

I-Say features interactive polling for members to create and participate in polls together. People can follow and interact with each other similar to Twitter.


Not only do you get paid taking surveys, members earn rewards in the following 4 ways.

  • Click Draw - Every 4 months, 10 panel members earn 5000 points each.
  • Poll Predictor - After every survey attempted or completed, members will be asked if they want to participate in a poll predictor. Members will be asked a question such as “What percentage of women has breast cancer?” Members have to guess the percentage on a scale from 1-100%. The closer you come to the answer the more chances you earn rewards that rotate periodically such as a $500 Visa gift card, Apple Watch, Macbooks, etc.
  • Lucky Grand Draw - Once you begin to redeem rewards, you begin to earn chances for a $1000 cash prize. 5 winners are chosen every for months.
  • Trade To Travel Draw - Trade in an amount of points to earn entry into a sweepstakes to earn a special trip.

Once you begin to get paid doing surveys your automatically enrolled in a loyalty program to earn additional bonus points. The bonuses begin after completing just 5 surveys.

Get paid cash for surveys straight from your smartphone. The website comes equipped with an app for download either in the Android Play Store or IOS Store for Apple users.


I-Say is owned by Ipsos. Who is Ipsos? A global leader in market research headquartered in Paris, France. As of 2016, they are the 3rd largest marketing research company in the world. Recognized for doing an abundance of charity work and delivering ethical surveys to its members.

To be eligible for paid research surveys, members have to be from Canada or the United States. You just have to supply your name and email address. They never share your email address with anyone so you do not receive spam from other companies.


The rewards include handbags, cash, fitness equipment and more. Because of the loyalty bonuses, rewards add up quicker than most online paid surveys. Sign up is free and they never ask for any money at anytime.


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