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Get paid surveys by joining legit sites. Unfortunately, websites exist that use people in order to gain a fast buck. This is why it is important to take your time and learn what sites are credible, high rewarding and fun to join.


The website should never ask you for money. Our intention is to only deliver the best solutions for your money making endeavors.  A great way to find out if a site is legitimate is by the about me or about us page. Included in this section is further information on the company and most times they will add information to show off their credibility. Read more here on how to avoid the paid surveys scam


Another method for finding legitimate paid surveys online is through accreditation's. If you find a BBB rating, Norton Secure, TRUSTe Certified, etc, you will be able to click on the respective links and find out further information. 

Legitimate paid online surveys usually pay fast. Their are some that mail checks or may wait a week or two but that is very rare. Many folks create online podcasts, videos, and pics of the payment proofs. Easily investigate a companies payment proofs either within the website itself or from members who have created them on their own. 


Another good source of credible information is through social media. Most sites should have a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest profile that you can check out. By looking inside the interactions inside the respective profiles and communications, you should be able to gauge the legitimacy of it.

Often you might run into websites that do not have social media links and profiles or not that many followers or subscribers. Sometimes the messages inside the respective profiles are old and outdated as well. This does not mean they are not a good resource for getting paid for online surveys. Sometimes they are just as legitimate as the aforementioned sites.


Google and Bing searches on the respective websites will help gauge the proper legality of the website. Within these searches you will find national articles, videos, and reviews that show off the credibility of the paid survey site in question.


Whenever you get paid surveys from the various opportunities you can take a picture of your payment and write a brief write up about your experiences. This will help add to the websites credibility. In turn you might be able to earn additional income through the referral link depending on the quality because many people are looking to get paid to do surveys. Sharing the proof on social media sites, article submissions, and various other sites may syndicate your write up and gain traffic to it over time.

If your looking to make money from home by getting paid to answer surveys make sure to check out if the site is legit. Avoid the scams by following the details outlined in this page. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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