Get paid for taking surveys on your mobile phone as well as on your computer. Many websites come equipped with phone apps in order to provide survey opportunities. iPoll would be my top recommendation for getting paid with online surveys within your smartphone.

The bare naked truth about paid surveys is many people make some quick cash just for answering a few questions on a variety of topics. More importantly anyone can do it and they are all free to join. Without spending a dime, people can earn extra income from the comfort of home.


Most people get paid taking surveys through PayPal or a check. After joining you might discover that you earn points instead of cash. Do not be alarmed as these points can be transferred into straight cash.

Once you get paid for online surveys you don’t have to worry about taxes or anything unless you make over $600 with that particular company.


On average your surveys will take around 30 minutes. Sometimes you will have surveys as little as five minutes or as long as an hr. To be successful I would not worry to much about the time limit or amount. Once your a member for a while, you will discover what surveys are the most profitable and learn the secrets to managing your time at the same time. If you try and figure it out too soon you might become discouraged and miss out on an otherwise lucrative opportunity.


When you take free paid online surveys for cash your mind can sometimes get distracted or become bored with all of the questions. Certain surveys for cash are sometimes dull, however with a proper mindset you will be able to get through them with ease. Maybe listen to your favorite music or some meditation sounds to help ease your mind from all of the thinking.

Give it a few months with a few companies who you know are legitimate. They have been around for a few years and distribute many surveys to your profile. You will begin to develop a strategy that will help you perform the surveys at a high level.

There is nothing like being able to do something you love in life. Many people get bogged down doing a job they don’t like and are never able to fully follow their dreams. So many people give into just getting into something just for the money. If you don’t love sharing your opinions and taking surveys I would not recommend doing them because you will not be successful. People tend to rush through them when they have this mentality and never give it a real chance to become successful.

Ready to get paid for taking surveys? All you need is a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet and you can get started today. The only information you will have to share is your name, email, and possibly phone number if you decide to receive them on your mobile phone. Obviously you need to verify your name because you will be sent checks and your email so you will receive emails straight into your inbox.


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