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Get paid for surveys by joining the legitimate paid online surveys on the web. Sometimes you may come across a group of websites asking for money pretending to promise you a lot of money for doing surveys. We must AVOID THEM….


Sometimes when you are desperate for cash you begin to join sites that sound promising. Often they sell your information to 3rd parties, spam you or mess with your credit and identity. Get paid for taking surveys the right way and you will never run into this issue. 

These bad sites give your computer a virus or spyware. In order to get paid to take surveys we must join the correct sites. Most of them are good but unfortunately their are the bad that take your money and information instead of delivering you cash.

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Getting paid to take surveys can be difficult at times. Sometimes you will take a survey on movies or financial services and halfway into the survey your disqualified. Other times you might go through 5 - 10 surveys in a row and not qualify for either one of them. Most of the time your disqualified in the beginning of the survey which is always a plus.

You should never be asked to give money to join surveys. This is a sign of a scam and the request should never be honored.  If you need more information on identifying them visit avoid survey scams.

Taking online surveys for money is free of charge. Sometimes your offered a sign on bonus, on average you will receive about $5. Whenever money is offered in exchange for logging into a website I would use caution. You will never run into paying anything online for surveys unless it is like a course, book, e-book, or something similar that enhances your survey experience and takes your skills to a new level. 


To get paid for surveys you have to join the legitimate sites. The form you fill out usually includes your name, email, username, and possibly your address and phone number but that is it. If you are nervous about filling out your name and address online like I am, do not worry because all of the sites included within Surveysboy have been around for years. In order to have your surveys paid, the personal information is needed to send your checks and make sure that YOU are legitimate. They do not want to have people manipulating the system by joining multiple accounts, giving false information etc. Not only are bad companies out there but bad people as well. The top paid surveys online all follow these methods. 

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Doing surveys is a great way to make money online. Just think you are receiving money for sharing your opinion in which you do everyday. Many people enjoy doing opinion polls for free, it just so happens you now get compensated for it. The hardest part is just filling out a form. After you fill it out your able to do the surveys that you want on your time. You pick the topics and categories and decide when and where you want to do them. An offer might pop up for a $50 survey for only 30 minutes of your time on a topic you love and might have done for free anyway.

Getting paid for surveys with Opinion Bureau is a great way to earn online while getting started to make money online.  

Another great part about online paid surveys is most of the market research companies will send you offers inside your inbox. Without having to take the time to log in and discover what survey opportunities you may have, you will see your offers in your email. For example:

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As you can see I have a wide variety of offers I can choose from with a wide range of payouts. This is not rare for many research companies. You are able to get paid for surveys in a variety of ways. Certain survey panels will have you become a member for a while before they start sending you to the more lucrative offers. For example, a great way to get paid doing surveys, complete cash offers, paid online games, shopping online and more is with a company called Points2Shop. They deliver a user friendly site that helps people to earn extra income from home with a bunch of paid online surveys everyday. 

Online surveys get paid mostly through online processors. Many payout through Paypal and some only send checks to your home or utilize another payment processor like Skrill. If you want to make some serious money with this you will need a Paypal account. 

Getting paid to do surveys just requires an internet connection and device like tablet, phone, or computer to do the surveys on. Get invited to high paying surveys by filling out the survey ethically each time. 


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