Free paid surveys like offer a dynamic user experience. They offer fun surveys and activities which allow people to earn prizes in various ways. The main source for earning is through paid online surveys. Other ways to earn successfully are through: 

  • OFFERWALL - What this entails is engaging members with a variety of activities to earn points that will be used to exchange for cash and/or gifts. Inside the offerwall you have 9 companies that also gives you access to a wide variety of activities and offers to earn points.
  • ENGAGEME -  You now have access to thousands of videos from 5 different companies. Earn points simply by watching them.
  • VIDEOWALL - Access to even more videos to earn points.
  • INVITE FRIENDS - Earn 20% of your friends lifetime earnings simply by sharing your link with them through social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, sending emails, or creating a blog or website.
  • TASKS - Within this section you might be asked to do a web search on a particular item and give your opinion, or asked to transcribe some audio. You will be able to see how many points you will receive for completing each task and how many are available.
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Besides free paid surveys, members earn points in 5 different ways. You can literally turn this site into a nice monthly income between $400 - $600 a month for the amount of activities inside. If you are a person who likes to get paid to take surveys, PrizeRebel offers the most complete survey opportunity database.

While many survey sites limit the amount of surveys you can take in one day or just do not offer any at all, PrizeRebel provides access to an unlimited amount of surveys. Earn fast points from 11 different survey providers within your dashboard. Each company provides many paid survey opportunities along with the time it will take to complete them and the amount of points you will receive as your reward.

What I also like are the short surveys which reward a lot even though they are only like 5-10 minutes. This helps you bank your points fast for cash prizes. These free surveys get paid very handsomely. Make $5 in less than ten minutes with some of them. 

Free online paid surveys have the ability to make extra income while working from the comfort of home.


You know how some sites offer you a $5 sign up bonus and then ask you to wait until you reach a certain amount before you can cash out? This site will never ask you to wait. Instead, cash out as soon as you reach $5 or continue to accumulate funds until you reach a much higher threshold. They also offer instant paid surveys because certain surveys are worth $5 all by themselves. 


As you continue with the site completing offers and surveys you begin to scale up and earn valuable levels. Everyone starts out at the bronze level. The next level will be silver, gold, platinum, and then the ultimate diamond level. Each level offers more rewards, discounts and perks throughout. This site will never cost you a thing. For as long as you remain a member your membership is always free. Unlike other membership level sites where you may be asked to move up a level for a fee.

Put to work! Right now they boast 7.2 million members and growing everyday. Many of the free paid surveys online with less members are still very legitimate and sometimes boast higher payouts. 

Researchers want your feedback which is why they offer free paid surveys. They never spam you. Instead, they offer many opportunities for you to fill out in order to reward you even more in the future.


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