Easy paid surveys are hard to come by I must be honest. The easiest surveys in my book come from Paidviewpoint. Every survey is less than five minutes. Prices vary from .10 cents to a few dollars believe it or not. The have a unique algorithm that tests your honesty and the way you take surveys. For being easy, they have to catch people that are being dishonest right? This score calculates your dishonesty, or honesty, and determines if your are eligible for higher paying surveys. Once you reach a certain threshold, your account remains in elite status and your now apart of the top 10% earners of the entire site.

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All of the other easy paid surveys are hard to come by. You will encounter easy paid surveys within other high profiled sites like Toluna, GlobalTestMarket, Vindale, YouGov, etc. It’s just they are not easy all the time. Once in a while you will encounter a high paying survey that takes a short amount of time to complete.

Once you begin doing them for a while you will learn what sites take a while and what sites are easier to do. After a while you will learn how to manage your time effectively in order to earn the most within a given amount of time.

It’s tough for any person or company to determine what is the best course of action for people to earn from surveys. Every person is different and most companies cater surveys to specific profiles and demographics. Everyone's demographics and profiles are going to be different. We all have different tastes in politics, food, kids, age, etc. What survey companies do is cater the surveys to match certain criteria so the business or agency who hired the marketing research company gain factual information on the demographics they want to project.


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Certain companies like ProductReportCard.com, Clixsense Research, and Earning Station, still reward you with cash even though you do not qualify for the survey being attempted. Other Companies like InboxDollars, GlobalTestMarket, iSay, and many others reward you with sweepstakes entries.

Most surveys are not designed to be easy. Once you begin to do them long enough you begin to learn how to pick and choose the right surveys to do that do not take much of your time. You will also begin to discover some easy ones that are high paying as well. You just have to be consistent with your answers. By developing a strong work ethic based on honesty and integrity, survey companies will begin to like you and your profile and share high paying offers that are fun to do.


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