Doing online paid surveys is a great way to earn income online. Taking a survey online is easy and fun to do if you are into sharing your opinions. Anytime your able to get paid for something you love doing then it is an awesome gig. Obviously not everyone enjoys sharing their opinion so you may get frustrated after a while if the pay or subject matter is not interesting to you. I am the type of person who likes to do them for free because I find the questions interesting most of the time and I usually learn something. I absolutely love learning new things. Paid surveys really do teach you a lot on a wide variety of subjects which I like as well. 

freedom doing online paid surveys

So many people live their lives doing a job they don’t like doing. Then they get mad at a person or company who tries to show them an outlet to that type of lifestyle. They agree more with the boss at work who needs to put them to work and gets angry at the person who is living a free lifestyle and wants the same for them.


Doing online paid surveys is not hard. Starting out you may experience frustrations like disqualifications, spending a long time on surveys and making less than a dollar. What this taught me however was when you are in business it is important to budget your finances and not waste money on dates, fast food, movies, candy, etc. Those unnecessary purchases which are even more healthier for you not to purchase them.

I said to myself “hmmm”, if people are making a full-time income doing paid surveys how are they doing it if you are not even making minimum wage per hour? Then a light went on inside my brain and I figured out how they did it which was actually very simple. It is a matter of changing your mindset. You go from thinking like a worker bee to more of a free person.

Your brainwashed from school to adulthood that you need to learn, receive degrees, and then work. No one ever teaches you that you can actually not have to work.

If you notice, most people who work are angry. Always telling people what to do because this personality is passed on from the top down. If you watch YouTube videos of millionaires, or go to seminars featuring entrepreneurs you notice they are more positive.  


Once you stop worrying about money I think that is when most people realize they can live a normal and full life and be the happiest person they can be. Money traps your mindset and next thing you know everything comes down to money. Work, bills, relationships, kids, travel, food, all comes down to money in the long run.


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