Clixsense paid market research is a great opportunity for businesses to build solutions for current and future growth. The research surveys are powered by ClearVoice Research. ClearVoice has over 20 years of experience helping businesses create better products and services. With this type of experience a business can not go wrong when choosing a market research company.


Clixsense used to be known mostly as a paid to click company. Now they are mostly known for offering paid opinion studies for people. In addition, you will find cash offers to try out different products and services.


The business can contact ClearVoice directly for their market research needs. They will work with you and assign a specific point of contact for your project needs. Once that is set up, your surveys will go directly to the Clixsense site for members to take. They will target members who meet the specific criteria set up by you and the point of contact so your results are of the highest quality. Highly targeted members may also see the offer inside their email account.


Clixsense members have the ability to fill out additional profile questions to not only receive more surveys into their inbox, but money as well. Clixsense will monitor how clients take surveys to make sure the integrity of each survey taken match the questions they took in the past and for the profile they have set up. The process helps ClearVoice deliver surveys to people with the highest integrity so businesses receive the best data possible from their projects.


Clixsense gives it members incentives like weekly, daily, and monthly sweepstakes entries to have them log in and continue to take surveys. I have yet to see a survey company online that offers as many sweepstakes entries for people. They also add a cash incentive at the end of every survey even if they do not qualify. Not many companies offer cash incentives at the end of every survey even if they do not qualify.

These incentives are great for businesses to seek out Clixsense as a market research company to deliver surveys because people are more inclined to either log in to the website directly or open up email offers from them. Other companies who do not offer as many rewards may have a struggle to reach a large amount of people because they may not log in or they will glance over the emails from that particular company.

Many people who take surveys online full-time sign up with multiple companies. People choose emails from companies that offer the most incentives and are worth their time. This is why Clixsense makes a lot of sense for any business because people like taking high paying rewarding surveys.  


ClearVoice is headquartered in Denver, CO and employs under 200 people. If you are business looking for a company to supply your market research needs then ClearVoice Research will be an awesome choice..


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