The fascination with Canada paid surveys is just as exciting as the excitement in America. They have many companies available for Canadians to join that are strictly for people who live in the country as well as global companies that hire folks all over the world to join their market research studies.

You earn money in a wide variety of ways. Some companies pay cash, sweepstakes entries, gift cards to world famous companies, or products and services. Certain companies also offer a combination of each as well so that you have options to cash out once you reach a certain payment threshold.

The great thing about taking paid online surveys is the opportunity to work from home. Some people have even quit their full time jobs to work on them as their main source of income.


If you are one of those folks who decide to work on surveys full time from home, make sure you have a working computer. You will be taking surveys all day and may be asked to download a variety of programs and files to earn extra cash while you work with the various survey companies. By having an up to date anti virus program, and spyware program, you will set yourself apart from many people who may get weary once their computer begins to slow down.

Many of the companies have a similar screening process once joining. You will be asked to fill out a demographic profile and initial survey to complete your profile. Sometimes you will even receive a sign up bonus of $5 or $10 dollars just for completing this simple process.


Canada paid surveys are a great way to earn extra income. You should not quit your job right away if this is your main goal. Instead, you should learn how to work various survey programs and enjoy the learning process while you make some quick cash online.

To complete surveys takes minimal effort. The hardest part is being honest while filling them out. Some folks lie or try to do them quickly in order to just receive a reward. Most, if not all, of the companies have safeguards in place in order to catch these people who risk their reward for completing them. You may get disqualified from the actual survey you are trying to complete and/or receive a red flag on your profile that will further deter future survey projects.

It’s very possible to earn a lot of money doing paid research surveys. When you factor in the free sweepstakes entries, prizes, in addition to earning the money from the surveys assigned, the amount you acquire can add up fairly quickly. The key is not to rush and utilize your time wisely doing them.


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