Brand Institute has plenty of business services in regards to market research. Branding is such a powerful business aspect. Hiring a company like Brand Institute will take your business to the next level. They specialize in creating a name that sticks in the hearts and minds of people.

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Some of the services will include qualitative surveys that ask open-ended questions. Most of the time you will be confronted with multiple choice questions when taking online surveys. Qualitative surveys will have a user write a sentence or two in response to a question. The only downside to this type of question is they would not receive a quick deep analysis of the answers. Qualitative surveys usually entail a small group of people who have been qualified to give their answers through extensive pre-screenings. This allows the time it takes to sift through data of this type of research, worth the time and money it takes to develop. Often combined with quantitative research analysis for extensive analytics returned on the surveys.


Quantitative analysis surveys are your more typical questionnaires you see on forms. The data received can be used for statistical purposes on a national level. More people are able to fill out this type of survey when compared with qualitative. The more people who fill out the survey allows the data that comes back to be rich in information that will be used to better the business. The categories of questions are set up with multiple choice options to fill in. This allows the data that is returned to be able to help decision makers make impactful decisions on products and services.


Brand Institute will do customer satisfaction surveys for your business. The survey will study a business likes and dislikes. The data that comes back allows the business to make significant changes to the business practices. The positves and negative aspects of the business are unforseen sometimes in day to day operations, the uncovering of these discoveries utilizing the professional market research practices will help the business for years to come. Recycling these surveys periodically will help to keep the business up to date on any changes to policy or new operations that were started since the last research project.  

One of the biggest areas for customer satisfaction surveys are in the area of retention. Finding out the information why and why not a customer comes back to a store helps to improve the customer come back rate tremendously.


Besides some of the work mentioned above, Brand Institute services will help businesses in areas of:

  • Logo Research
  • Tagline Research
  • Category Name Research
  • Concept Testing
  • And Many More.


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