Discovering if a scam may or may not have been created due to a paid free survey advertisement online is sometimes tough to figure out. Obviously there are hundreds of free paid survey websites that offer people the opportunity to earn money on the internet. Unfortunately there are scams in place that lie to people in order to extort information and money from people.

avoiding scams online


Certain websites may pose as a get rich quick scheme in order to get some money from you. They may have some type of product or service like an Iphone or laptop you can collect after completing a simple survey as the advertisement states. Once you begin the survey, the website will take you to other websites even though you did not click away or placed another address inside the address bar. This is called being redirected. The redirects may be connected to one scam after another and you were maneuvered into this online scheme through an offer of a free paid survey.

Sometimes the website, or series of websites you are being redirected to, will earn money from the advertisements inside the page. They collect fees from the various advertisement companies and earn this by offering free survey opportunities.


Legit companies have been in business for a while. You may come across a blog or website that redirects you to one of these legitimate paid surveys sites. You do not have to be concerned with being sent to a site with this type of redirect. The type of website your being sent to are called affiliate sites that earn a commission for sending you to legitimate survey sites.

The affiliated websites supply information on the various sites you can sign up for and deliver one redirect to the websites you can sign up with. Many of the survey sites you are being redirected to even offer sign up bonuses to sign up with them. Instead of trying to take your money, they give you money to join. This is because the legit companies need you to supply your answers to the surveys they deliver. They need people to take surveys for them so the companies that paid them to create the various surveys, get the information needed from real people. As you continue to take them, you will build trust with the various companies and earn even more money with each survey attempted. Many people do not earn a lot of money with free paid surveys, at least not right away


computer hacker scamming for passwords

Make sure to stay away from the bad sites looking to do some sort of identity theft. They will use your information and mess up your credit score, cash checks, maybe even gain access to your bank account. This is a tough situation to get out of once you are sucked into this underworld. This is why it is great to take your time and make sure you get connected with the good sites that have your best interest at heart and WANT to pay you money for taking surveys with them.


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