Australian paid surveys are a great way to make some extra cash. This list will showcase paid opinion surveys for Australia. With so many options and programs to sign up for, we have to make sure we sign up for only the legit programs that have our best interest at heart. The list within this page is designed to make your opinions count. You will be paid cash for surveys from the paid online surveys Australia list below.

australian paid surveys



The best paid online surveys will have a top marketing research firm as a parent company or affiliation. These legit companies come equipped with many resources for the many years of expertise of paid market research surveys and increasing the income for businesses all over the world.

australia paid surveys


The first survey on the list of Australian paid surveys would have to be - I mention them first because they are one of the premier survey companies. A well respected and trusted resource for Australians to earn money from home. Use a computer, tablet, or mobile device to take surveys paid in points. Also earn sweepstakes entries for taking mini polls or surveys you may have been disqualified for.

Pureprofile is an Australian based marketing research firm offering paid research surveys from all over the world. Based in Sydney, Australia they have put together an awesome site that delivers positive results for businesses and rewards members handsomely. One of the few survey companies that rewards members even if they are disqualified during a survey. Builds long lasting relationships with panelists. Must be 16 years of age to join.

SurveyRewardz - take easy! short, surveys. Get paid by check, gift cards to stores like Amazon, or receive cash inside your Paypal Account

Student Edge - Earn edge credits after every survey that you complete. Only open to youths ages 12-29. Earn cash, gift cards and sweepstakes entries. Besides offering surveys paid in cash, they offer other sections including employment, resume writing, life questions and much more. A great website that both students and teachers can come and work together. 

Myopinions - accepts members in the Australia area who are 18 or older. Instant paid surveys so you do not have to wait to receive your money. Receive points that can be used to turn into gift cards and/or vouchers. Get paid to answer surveys for free. You never have to pay for any upgrade or anything like that.

SaySo Rewards - Gives people the opportunity to feed the hungry along with receiving rewards:)

Mobrog is an international marketing research panel that employs people from all over the world. Based in Germany and accepts members in Australia. If you enjoy doing surveys free then this is the site for you. They have some of the most fun and interactive surveys on the planet. Watch This Video Below

octopus group

If you like keeping everything Australian and want a program the deals strictly within the realms of the island than Octopus Group is your site. Is Octopus Group legitStarted in 2016, develops only Australian paid surveys. They pay up to $20 per friend referred. A very generous website that doubles your compensation compared to other sites who offer surveys to get paid. 

OpinionSurveys - Complete an unlimited amount of surveys per day. Gain entries into sweepstakes for $1,000 cash prize. 

I wrote a more extensive Australia paid surveys review on Survey Junkie (AU) which helps people to make money from home fairly quickly. A great website for people who do not like to be redirected from survey to survey. A nice platform interface that shows the survey length as well as the amount of points you will receive after each survey. A great way for people to kind of pick and choose which surveys they want to take. I would take as many surveys as you can if you are just beginning with the website. 


Take Australian paid online surveys with Zen Survey - By Invite Only! Must click on the link in order to join. Zen Survey does not allow people to sign up with the website directly. An exclusive opportunity to earn money with Australian free paid surveys. 


Doing online paid surveys for moms, dads, business people, students, seniors, will be different for everyone. Each company has unique algorithms to break certain demographics down so people are qualified for certain surveys. Many online surveys you decide to do will disqualify at certain points within the survey. You may be rewarded with a sweepstakes entry as a result of the disqualification. Often times you are not going to be compensated at all. A good thing is to keep filling out as many as you can. Each attempt will allow the program to get to know you and your profile for less disqualifications in the future. 


With paid surveys Australia, Australians receive some excellent resources to work from home. Eliminating the daily grind of a 9-5 job to spend time with the kids and family really helps. Most people do not get the privilege to become independent and work at home with their own business. If you love sharing your voice to express true feelings that will identify trends, make real social changes, and become a beacon of hope for the future, then a work from home opportunity with paid surveys might be the key. 


Another opportunity I would love to mention is Product Testing AU. Within Australia, members have the opportunity to test products from home. Members receive products like video game systems, t.v.'s, subscription services, and more. You basically receive the various products in the mail or subscribe to the services and then answer a survey review afterwards. You get to keep the products as well. 

Also included within Product Testing AU is a way for people to get paid to shop at retail stores and eat at restaurants. Australians will basically write reviews after every visit and then get paid once they are approved. Payments vary depending on the establishment visited 


The combination of product testing, focus groups an studies allow people to work at home from paid surveys. Starting slow and with a small number of survey companies allow people to gain enough surveys to start a home business.


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