Surveysboy.com delivers survey solutions for people interested in making extra income working from home part-time. We supply certain tips and tricks from our over 10 years of doing surveys online and break it down for you to earn sufficiently.


We want you to avoid paid survey scams and deliver positive sites so your valuable time is not wasted.


I have been doing surveys online off and on since 2009. I used to do them just for fun because I liked sharing my opinion on topics I like such as sports, television, movies, and various social issues. I used enter in sweepstakes or donate money to the Boys and Girls Club as a result from my opinions.

Then I started to stumbleupon sites that provided real cash for taking them. I was saying WOW! These free surveys get paid to. I would take them and earn .25 cents or sometimes a $1.00. I enjoy taking surveys so I stumbled upon more and more sites. I came across this one site called Inboxdollars.com and earned $100 in less than an hr back in 2012. I thought to myself it cannot be this easy to take surveys and earn income from home testing products and services to provide feedback on them. Many times you are able to keep the product as well. So of course I joined more more sites and have been enjoying them ever since. What turned out to be a hobby turned into some nice income which is always nice.

If you are someone who likes to take surveys and get paid then this site is for you. You receive free helpful hints and techniques that will skyrocket your survey income. The information within this site is priceless for the amount of resources included. We give you the best paid online surveys to date. 

Need the truth about paid surveys? Discover it here at surveysboy.com. We strive to bring you not only honest feedback, but also keep you informed of what is new. That is why we designed a newsletter to deliver you free information on what is happening now. What sites or techniques might be getting old, what new sites and techniques are on the rise, and deliver the highest paid surveys to your inbox  

I thought I would share this site for everyone to earn from legitimate paid online surveys. The sites you should not waste your time with vs the websites that have high payouts. Share the hidden treasures of survey taking that saves times and pays well. Get paid to do surveys the right way with surveysboy.com. 


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