Paid surveys are a great way to receive cash for your opinions. Your rewarded for doing things you do everyday like going to the movies, eating out, and buying products at stores like Walmart and Target. Love sharing your opinion? Indulge yourself and get paid for surveys on more serious topics like crime, politics, the environment, parenting, social issues and more.

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If you are in it to make some quick cash or because you love to express your opinion than this site is for you. Many websites pose as legitimate paid survey sites, but in reality they are just scams or kind of scams. We deliver the best market research websites to you for free and keep you free from the bad sites to deliver the best possible experiences online.


The scam sites do not deserve our attention but are worth mentioning. They are the sites that act like survey sites, take your name, email, and other personal identifiable information and then lead you down a path of spammy sites and advertisements that lead nowhere.


Legitimate sites offer a sign-up bonus just for signing up. These bonuses range from $2, $5, or even up to $25. Most will be around $5. It should not cost you anything to enter a survey site or most likely its a scam. More reliable paid surveys online do not necessarily have to offer a sign on bonus to be legitimate either. At least you sign on for free and start making money without having to come out of the pocket. 


I just opened my account with Swagbucks and took a screenshot in order to provide an example of one of the best paid online surveys on the internet. Initially they gave me a $5 sign-on bonus years ago and this is what I had in my survey Inbox

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They broke down the surveys into featured and non-featured and provide the time frame it will take to complete a survey along with the amount you receive once completed. The key to being successful is providing accurate information or they will discover the answers you have provided in the past that did not match up with your future answers and proceed to terminate your survey account. Although its rare some people try and speed through various paid online surveys and this is one of the procedures to catch them. 


Market research companies hire companies like Swagbucks in order to provide incentives to people to fill out their opinion polls.

Market research is an over 44 billion dollar industry. Many companies that offer surveys paid out millions to its members. The payments are in forms of sweepstakes, trips, vacations, merchandise, and many people's The highest payouts I have come across has been $200 for an hour long survey panel session. The high payouts are reserved for serious people who take the opportunity seriously, are honest with their answers, and earn the trust of these companies.


If you enjoy taking paid surveys as much as I do, then you would not mind taking them for free as well. Once you start joining sites to get paid to take surveys you will discover sometimes a free one or two will pop up. Do not be alarmed because it allows the company offering the survey, as well as the client supplying the survey, more information about you and how you work.


One of the most lucrative offers available for people when joining paid market research surveys websites is testing out is for products and services. Many times you may be asked to try out a product for free in order to evaluate it and share your feedback. For these type of offers they pay very well because the companies have a ready made product that needs skilled people to share honest and valuable opinions. Score big with these offers and more high paying offers will pop up for you to test.


A great way to maintain a high level of income with your survey taking is through utilizing mobile apps. Many of the more prominent survey companies come equipped with apps that you can use to take surveys while on the go. If you are waiting in a Dr’s office, in a car, at the airport, you can still reach that lucrative goal within a particular site in order to achieve that special bonus with your smartphone.


Do not get upset when surveys disqualify you. Most survey sites disqualify you for taking a particular survey and you are left wondering why. This is totally normal. The paid to do surveys try and reach a certain demographic point and based on your answer for a particular question, reached its max capacity for that particular answer, gender, nationality, combination of each, etc.

For example:

Kim is female, 28, Caucasian, has 2 kids, single and the question she was booted out from was did she go to Walmart yesterday. She answered yes but was booted out for some reason after 15 minutes of taking a survey.

John is male, 28, 2 kids, single and Caucasian. He answered the same question with a yes after 15 minutes into the survey as well but because he was male was allowed to continue based on that particular demographic.

Obviously there are other factors and combinations that may disqualify people from certain paid opinion surveys but the main thing is not to get discouraged. 

The longer you participate with instant paid surveys within a particular company the more they will get to know you as long as you answer the questions honestly. In the future you will be screened out a lot earlier and screened in for surveys faster for instant cash, especially through invitations inside your email catered to your specific survey profile. 


Whether you live in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, South Africa, or anywhere else in the world this site is for you to explore and get paid for doing surveys online. 


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